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When it's 50° in January, we adventure!

January in Maine can be ROUGH, but fortunately this year has been quite pleasant *knocks on wood.* This past weekend, it reached 50° and we had to spend some time outside! Jarrod and I have made it a bit of a Saturday morning routine to grab breakfast at Sisters Gourmet Deli in Bath, Maine. They have the freshest ingredients and most unique combos. My go-to is a breakfast sandwich with cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and bacon. If you're ever on the midcoast (or in Portland!) I highly recommend checking them out. I'll leave this photo here for you to drool over:

After stuffing our faces, we made a quick drive over to West Bath to visit the Hamilton Audubon Sanctuary, a short and sweet walk through the woods that just happens to be on a little peninsula so you also have water views for a majority of the hike!

At the first trail head, there's a beautiful bridge that leads you up into the woods where the pines tower over you and the air is so crisp and fresh you can't help but smile.

There were tons of deer tracks on the trails (although we didn't actually get to see any), and plenty of stops along the way to stop and enjoy the water views.

After our hike, we took a quick break at home for some kitten snuggles and a nap, then ended the day at Maine Beer Company in Freeport, Maine - like any good adventure day should!

A weekend like this already has me itching for warmer weather and summer adventures along the Maine coast - I can't wait to see what photo opportunities lie ahead this year!

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