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Throwback Thursday | McVetty + Roberge Wedding!

I started working for Michaela back at the start of 2018 at Sisters Gourmet Deli as their social media sister and we became fast friends - we really just "get" each other, like texting each other the same thing at the exact same time level of getting each other. She trusts me with trying new things more than I trust myself. So when I received a text saying, "have you ever done a wedding?" I knew what was coming and immediately started looking at ALL the Pinterest boards and panicked more than I'd like to admit. This was SO daunting and I was incredibly nervous - plus it was all happening so fast.

BUT if ever there is the perfect bride to shoot a wedding for your first time, it's Michaela. I brought Jarrod to shoot film alongside me, and her and her now-husband, Nick, were so carefree and easy going, it took so much pressure off of us.

Nick and Michaela have an infectious love, the way they smile at each other and laugh together can truly brighten up an entire room. We were incredibly happy to have been there to capture that light and join in the fun, too. Not many people can say they have an entire wedding weekend in the gorgeous Maine woods with kickball, cabins and an adult summer camp vibe. That weekend I learned A LOT and I am so thankful she trusted me and Jarrod to be the ones to create the still moments they'll have for a lifetime.

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