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It’s nice to meet you!

If our paths haven’t crossed yet in real life, my name is Katie and I’m so happy to virtually meet you! I never thought I would be one to have a blog or even consider spending time talking about myself, but I am so excited to share all the fun things about my photography, travels, life and my quest to eat alllll the donuts and drink alllll the coffee.

Last year, I decided to move on from my city job in Boston to find something I was more passionate and excited about. While finding a new job didn’t come very easily, I was able to take time to explore more and really invest in my photography - especially spending countless hours searching for snowy owls in the freezing cold.

Around the holidays, I put up a little poll on Instagram and asked if anyone would like a print of some of my favorite photos. The response was amazing and I decided to get all the supplies I needed to professionally mat and package photo prints. Sending out so many photos and being able to connect with people all across the country with a simple photo and hand written note brought me so much happiness that I knew I wanted to do more.

I started printing more photos and bought a website domain, ordered businesses cards, a fun little logo stamp and signed up for a bunch of craft fairs. I was in it and fully invested while being fun-employed and searching for a “real” job. I spent more time growing my Instagram and engaging with new people both online and in person.

I ~finally~ got a job (remote, but in Maine), then another job (in Maine), moved to Maine, graduated from college (again), did more craft fairs than I can count (or remember), adventured a lot, shot my first engagements, baby, wedding, food and lifestyle photos ALL this year. And now I’m feeling so ambitious I’m writing a blog - look at me go!

When I’m not working my, um, 4-ish jobs, you can find me wandering the woods with Jarrod, eating mac and cheese, watching Shark Tank, spending WAY too much money on cute stationary and stickers and admiring all the tiny and adorable animals on my instagram feed.

I’m so excited to start sharing my why - the reason why I get so excited about seeing the world in photographs, how happy it makes me when I see a perfectly framed photo in my travels and how amazing it is to connect with people who share their stories with me because my art has stirred a memory in them.

Cheers to more adventure and new memories on both sides of the lens!

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